NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform


Flight in the White Cube, 2016


Video installation, steel tubes, PVC fabric

The author presents video triptych in his personal space, in a white cube formed room-studio, which was built in the former paper factory. The first impression could suggest that in the installation powerful categories from the field of Western culture, such as religion (church), technology (attraction), contemporary art (white cube), are roughly ‘blended’. In fact, it is an exposition of the production process of the work of art, which is still quasi-under development, which intentionally hasn’t been ‘polished’ as projection, where the author is questioned as a manipulator’s figure. The aim is to unmask the artist as a translator and to show the very process of translation, which in this case is taking place not only in the virtual, but also in the physical white cube. It is an attempt to bring the viewers into a state of uncertainty, wherein he might notice, what reading mechanisms switches in the apparatus of the white cube and thus see themselves reading and translating.