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Flowers, 2019


cosmetic masks and other material The work “Flowers” consists of three works, the main materials of which are cosmetic masks. The preparation process is long, when you first need to apply cosmetic masks on your artist’s body, then dry them, then peel them off. After a long production process, I stick them on the picture, as if on another body, stuffed, sometimes torn off again. Cosmetic masks for me are the containers of time, ghosts of time, whose striving for eternal beauty becomes a trace of time. It responds to my perception of the present. It is very aestheticized and at the same time I feel the manipulative, destructive side of the world behind this thin, translucent veil. Beauty as a wound is my creative strategy, which reflects the dependence of beauty on the dimension of time, the experience of beauty through its perception of its finality and, at the same time, the illusion of eternity. The painful perception of finality irritates the senses of aesthetics and is a way for beauty to be born. It is a wound that never heals. Shown in the gallery “Vartai” in the exhibition of master students, as a part of the project “Beauty is a wound”

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