NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform


Forces of Iron I, 2016

Iron, glass, ceramic isolators, VHS-tapes, electric cable


The iron frame holds glowing iron wire heated up by electric current, heating the air. Electricity is converted into thermal energy and then to kinetic air movement energy.

Video documentation

The master´s project includes three works which are real-time processes that reveal different properties of iron. These properties include thermal and electric conductivity, vibration (sound) and corrosion.

Siim Kuusemäe_Forces of Iron2

Forces of Iron II: sound sculpture, a vibrating system of rods with bells connected to the top. Rods and bells vibrate at slightly different frequencies, forming a field of sound.

Video documentation


Raua j_ud III installatsioon

Forces of Iron III: 5 rusting sheets. Water drips to the front side, flowing along the surface. Iron reacts with oxygen in the air and corrodes. The rear side of the sheet hides a heater, that raises temperature and accelerates the corrosion process.