NOAR Nordic Baltic Art

TAGS: Fairy Tale  

Goldfish, 2013

Textile, faux leather, acrylic, marker, wooden frame

Muraena and the Goldfish form an ingtegral whole of two antagonistic works. Each work is a ceremonial portrait of a fish-headed lady in an oval frame. Muraena is shown in bright pink and turquoise tones, while the Goldfish is noirishly black-and-white. Muraena looks right, towards the Goldfish, and the latter looks the viewer straight into the eye.  There´s some inner substance bursting from Muraena´s chest, while he Goldfish hides its right hand behind its back in a secretive manner. Although it is the Muraena who is known as a dangerous migrant fish and the telescope-eyed goldfish as a perfectly docile creature residing in the aquarium.

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