NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Happy Bone on a red handkerchief Nr. 1, 2016


The first drawing from the series called "Happy Bone on a red handkerchief". The subjects for these drawings are the bones of a cows spine that I found whilst traveling in Canada. While walking in the fields with my friend we stumbled upon a decomposed cow carcass. My friend turned one spine bone around and told me that his mother had showed these bones to him as a child and she called them happy bones. The next day I went back to them, there was something intriguing and highly fascinating about them and I could not shake the imagery from my mind the previous night. I photographed the bones this time with the idea of recreating these ironically smiling faces, imbued with black humor. Thus were born the ballpoint pen drawings, where the happy bone is carefully laid on a grandfathers red handkerchief with white spots.

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