NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform


'(I(Book))', 2016


Glass, metal frame(cage), acrylic on paper, digital print.

Author about the artwork:

The object that you see, is a book – caged and sealed. It contains information that only certain people are familiar with – the creator, the psychiatrist, and the assistant. The two of the book’s illustrations visible to you are merely a little peak into what it contains. Each detail serves as a clue to an answer you might ask.

The book itself is representing a person and this person’s deepest, yet simplest of thoughts. From the traditional understanding of what a book is made for, this particular book shall shape the idea of traditional and classical understanding. It has become an object – a book you can only read about, but not able to actually read it. Reading is highly important – it is something that people have forgotten about. Art, especially conceptual art, should not end with an object exposed to society – for mere staring at the art work and not understanding its essence, and leaving with no knowledge of the work. You have to master it the same way you master a trade – either it be sociology, criminology, medicine or being a judge.

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