NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Incognito 6, 2016


Acrylic, canvas, varnish, silicone, watercolor, author´s technique

The inspiration for the diploma series “Incognito” was drawn from the public perception of modern society and the efforts of individuals concealing their secrets. Enhancing life for the sake of societies acknowledgment and constant strive for “real” happiness, propels the world after success and the recognition of others, overshadowing what is hidden behind the scenes and what society does not talk about. The series of works “Incognito” consists of 8 large format paintings, which are dominated by a personal vision of the contemporary desire of individuals to hide the truth of their lives from others. By trying to find new and innovative technical possibilities in painting, a compelling set of works has been made, with a outstanding individual aesthetic and conceptual core. The diploma project embodies originality, search of the future of contemporary painting and it discusses the topic of the secrets a individual has from himself, society and the environment he lives in.

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