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Koidula ja Tammsaare, 2010


Aerosol & stencil on canvas

The painting depicts the heroic figures of Estonian national literature, Anton Hansen Tammsaare and Lydia Koidula, who could also be seen on the 25 and 100 Estonian kroon banknotes until they were made unemployed as the euro came. The artwork was created near Tartu City Library and Tartu Art Museum in December 2010, right before Estonia´s transition to euro. This was the first time for a piece of street art to trigger wide interest from the general public and media in Estonia. "Koidula and Tammsaare" can be seen as Edward von Lõngus´ debut in a wider scale and has left a strong mark on the development of Estonian street art.

To create this smaller-scale version of the initial work, a stencil with reduced measurements was used.


One of the three full-size stencil paintings 220x150cm that was created before the original stencils were purchased for the permanent collection of the Tartu Art Museum is still available with the price 14 500 eur.

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