NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Lies, 2017

Paper, digital printing, silkscreen

The artist‘s book „Lies“ is a part of project „Misinformation“. The picture contains the different pages of this 34 pages hand-bound book.

The main point of this work is to make the visualization of feeling caused by misinformation. This condition is desperate inability to see/perceive what is real and what is the consequence of false information. In order to visualize it, author discovered connections between the condition affected by misinformation and similar experiences causing seeing/perception disorders (nearsightedness, farsightedness, dyslexia, alexia, lexical hallucinations and etc.). Inspired by this relation, she is manipulating typographical elements and creating feeling of invisibility, unreadability, comprehensions

The artist‘s book „Lies“ also has a function of documentation. In this artwork, author typographically portrayed real events before they were declared the consequences of misinformation (for example, the poster, which introduced Cardiff‘s Giant for the first time). But for her, more important is the feeling, not specific cases. Using transparency and layers author merges different visual details to one artwork, which expresses her condition caused by misinformation.

Other works from the book:


Migle Ceinoryte. Misinformation 2. 2017. 21×17 cm. Transparent paper, silkscreen


Mistakes. 2017. 40×25 cm. Paper, digital printing, silkscreen

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