NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Looking Back At An Empty Year, 2019


This is his bachelor’s degree work. It is a short autobiographical audio piece, inside an interactive installation (an old BMW). The audio inside the car is literally a recording of him talking about his gap year after high school, when he didn’t have a job, didn’t go to school and filled his time with being the designated driver at parties, as well as being a paid driver, tagging along to various car-deals with his BMW-enthusiast friends. The short stories speak of misadventures and thoughts that he had back then, as well as interesting cars that he got to see. Inside the car is also a short handmade and photocopied zine, containing some pictures and a poem about death. The installation is his own personal 5-series BMW that he drove into the lobby of EKA, to be exhibited as a part of TASE’19. The idea came to him randomly during a sleepless night, half-a-year ago.