NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Mammmanual. The manual for new parents., 2020

By Guna Poga
This work has been sold

llustration book, black marker drawing, 288 pp. Mammmanual. T

he manual for new parents. Illustration book, black marker drawing, 288 pp. 110 mm x 140 mm

Illustration series for new parents “Mammmanual” has been created in the form of a visual diary that illustrates the experience of the author in the daily life with a baby. The diary covers more than just changes in the private life a new baby brings. It is also a story about the implications of the new life in the world of a mother-artist and about the relationship between a mother and a baby. Moreover, it marks the meaning of irony in art. The illustrations in the manual show a subjective and ironic approach to documenting things. The monochrome linear drawings are put together in a book and published in the form of posts on the Instagram platform @mammmanual in order to encourage public discussion. You can buy your own Mammmanual for 20 eur, translated in english.