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Missing, 2013


Created 2013/2016
Digital print, lost and found items

The artwork was created during a workshop, in which a group of artists shared ideas and objects with each other. Another artist gave Anna some things found from the city space and she had an idea for the “Missing” posters, as everyone has lost something in their life, both material as well as immaterial. The artworks were first shown at the exhibition “Crossings” in EKA Gallery in 2013; the posters could also be found in the streets of Tallinn, giving everyone an opportunity to write and draw on them to report their own missing items.

The artwork is part of Anna Lihodedova´s Master´s graduation project which was dedicated to a research outside of the white cube. She conducted 10 interventional experiments in public space.

The author found inspiration in media and the surroundings. In her artwork she reflected different social problems and hoped for creating a dialogue on the following issues for her aim was to communicate with the public. She treated cityscape as an unlimited playground.

In the experiments 1–10 she provoked people to intervene with the artwork physically or cognitively.Through the experiments Anna Lihodedova created a bundle of reactions with the world. She analysed whether there are any connections between the place and the activity and constructivism of the created dialogue. The documentation of the project will help to save the bundle of relations with the public in future.


Anna Lihodedova_Missing



Anna Lihodedova_project