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My Utopia. Scene IV, 2016


Acrylic on canvas

From the series "My Utopia" (graduation project 2016)

The author´s comments to the project:

I grew up reading hundreds of fairy tales. Having heard and read so much about fascinating worlds, supernaturality, magical adventures and uncompromised happiness, I have so often experienced melancholy and yearning for something like this.

The impulse to depict such fairy tale scenes on my paintings comes from the desire to be somewhere else – I want everything to be as good and wonderful as it is in the fairy tales.

The fear of mediocre life, several disappointments and shivered ideals have cultivated the desire to escape reality. As a result, experiencing misfortune and failure, the girlie dreams of fancy castles and tender princesses have been replaced by grimmer and more mysterious environment, where anxious tension built on contradictions can be found instead of harmonious idyll.

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Exhibition views:

Joanna Hoffmann_My Utopia

Joanna Hoffmann_My Utopia2



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