NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform


Myth Non Scripta, 2016


5 linocut columns, colored; 5 linocut prints; exhibition guide in Latvian language

The artist loves ancient stories about this and another worlds, myths and forces. Columns present a great surface where she can place myth.

The installation of 5 linocut columns includes:
Firstly, the myth about ”Venusian from Venus”. Secondly,”The Great Tears”- a story about water and sadness. Where it came from? Thirdly, ”Rīgas Ragana” – drawings made after Latvian poet Rainis´s play ”Riga’s Witch”. Fourth is the ”Civilization”. Man’s civilization is finished and, then may be next will be … Fifth and the last one ”Creation of universe”. How it all started, grew and starts again.

Myth Non Scripta1

exhibition guide

Civilization (column)

Venusian from Venus (column)

Riga’s Witch

 Riga’s Witch (column)