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Nearby Road, 2017


Oil, pencils on canvas

This work is made at the same time with "Hot legs. Pilgrim", so the idea is in strong connection with it. It is about the same life path and the force that guides us. It can be located anywhere, and we perceive it through anything - people, surroundings, nature, inner voice etc.

Other works from the series:


Ella Mežule. Hot legs. Pilgrim. 2017. 54x58 cm. Oil, pencils on canvas


Our Feet are Seeds. 2017. 61x56 cm. Oil on canvas


Mr Flamingo Legs and Tuutiki. 2017. 188x163 cm. Oil on canvas


Trail One Lives Through and Sometimes Around. 2017. 54x47 cm. Oil, pencils and watercolor on canvas


Stone Moss Human. 2017. 25x20 cm. Oil on canvas



Surely No Time, There is No Lack of Time. 2017. 25x15 cm. Oil on canvas

mezule 7

Everything that is in Your hands is in Careful hands. 2017. 105x121 cm. Oil and pencils on canvas


It's About to Happen. 2017. 200x163 cm. Oil on canvas


Ones Loneliness is Not Alone. 2017. 192x154 cm. Oil on canvas


Slightly Warm Morning Coffee, a Few Notes, a Few Pages of Other Notes Instead of Newspaper. 2017. 28x19 cm. Oil on canvas


Our Willow Tree. 2017. 30x30 cm. Oil on canvas

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