NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

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On behalf of Terra, 2017

Polyester resin, found objects, video, photography

Dimensions variable

When we’re looking for intelligent extra-terrestrial life, we’re not only listening, but we also send our own signals to the would-be listeners. Interstellar communication is trying to articulate what a human being, as a species, is, and, as a whole, what Earth is. In a way, the messages are from ourselves about ourselves, and that gives us an opportunity, if we take a critical look, to train our non-anthropocentric world view. Who truly has the right to speak on behalf of Terra? In author's opinion, it’s the organisms and their mutual bonds in the nearest non-human environment, based on a non-hierarchical ontology in which all the subjects coexist on the same level, that can become our true ABC. After all, bodies tend tell a lot of what is hidden by language. As such, we happen to appear in a situation beyond language and symbols. The fragments of nature that are within a hand’s reach of city life are encapsulated by industrial polyester resin – a creeping statement, in their own right, on behalf of Terra.

Fragments of the installation:


Anastasija Sosunova. 2017. 40x50 cm. Polyester resin, found objects


Anastasija Sosunova. 2017. Polyester resin, found objects


Anastasija Sosunova. 2017. 15x 46 cm. Polyester resin, found objects


Anastasija Sosunova. Contact. 2017. 110x160 cm


Anastasija Sosunova. 2017. 30x100 cm. Polyester resin, found objects