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part of installation "2015.01.28 - 2019.05.24", 2019


sound recordings uploaded to a tablet computer, big stereo speaker

This work was a collection of sounds, recorded throughout 2 years time. There were many recordings, but for the installation author used 17 of them. They were mostly of sounds which he did not pay attention to while walking down the street (which he later payed attention to while listening what he had recorded) and of Vilnius National Filharmonic Orchestra tuning to a certain tone (a tuning before the concert starts). Since he was a young kid (about the age of 6 or 7), he went to the national filharmonic to listen to various concerts. Both of his parents are musicians, so at first, he didin’t really have a choice whether to go or not, because they simply didn’t have a place to put me. Later (from the age of 15) he started going on his own choice to spend every Saturday in a weekly concert over the span of years. He drew music while listening to it on his blanknotes and eventually started noticing the profound wonder of the musicians speaking freely while tuning with each other before the concerts. It was different every time what they had to say. He started recording this. It eventually very much connected with my conceptual installation piece part of instalation “2015.01.28 – 2019.05.24” for my bachelors degree exhibition.

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Part of installation "2015.01.28 - 2019.05.24"  
part of installation "2015.01.28 - 2019.05.24"