NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

part of installation "2015.01.28 - 2019.05.24", 2019

paper, constructional nails, typewriter

These are two collections of 365 pages each nailed to the wall. The text is written by author’s grandfathers typewriter. Each page has a manually written date on it with the typewriter. 365 pages = a date of each and every day of the year, in many pages containing short records of certain ideas, philosophical thoughts and experiences reflecting art and life. The full collection contains 4 full 365 page blocks and one 182 page block (unfinished). This is one part of the installation piece “2015.01.28 – 2019.05.24” which author did for my bachelors degree final exhibition.

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Part of installation "2015.01.28 - 2019.05.24"  
part of installation "2015.01.28 - 2019.05.24"