NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Possible 3, 2016


Mixed media on canvas

The author´s comments to her Master´s Project:

My Master’s thesis is an independent creative project, which will be accompanied by text associated with the creative works of the exhibition project „Possible“.

This exhibition is an experience of coming to contact with ancient beings who are more powerful and older than any civilization. It talks about primal motives and figures in body and spirit. When thinking back on my finished works, I understand why reptiles became so important for me at that time.

As an artist, I am always looking for new figures/forms that would help me to express important, and sometimes also contradictory, thoughts. The more I was studying the reptiles’ image, the more I started to notice different, sometimes overlapping and controversial portrayals. For example, strong, powerful, lethal, curative, cunning, smart, creative, destructive, etc.

I was interested in working with such a definite and finite form that can comprise so many different truths/expressions/opportunities. I was inspired to follow this theme by the thought that if any figure occurs with such an impelling force in so many fields, there must be a hidden, more powerful feeling behind it that is definitely worth studying.

Other works from the exhibition:

Stratskas Possible4 

Marta Stratskas. Possible 5. 2016. Mixed media on canvas, 145x175cm


Marta Stratskas_Possible5

Marta Stratskas. Possible 4. 2016. Mixed media on canvas, 145x175cm


Marta Stratskas_Possible6 (2)

Marta Stratskas. Possible 6. 2016. Mixed media on canvas, 190x150cm


Marta Stratskas_Possible2 (2)

Marta Stratskas. Possible 3. 2016. Mixed media on canvas, 300×300 cm

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