NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Postpartum Whatever, 2019


Installation, photo album, video

Symptoms of postpartum depression include persistent fatigue, sadness, anxiety, crying episodes and guilt. The infant’s main caregiver is in a situation where his or her life is controlled by someone who is unable to self-control. The caregiver is responsible for baby’s well-being and survival, but it is difficult to find ways to meet your own basic needs. Are these above-mentioned feelings normal in this case, or should you seek help? I sewed a “Baby Monster“ using old baby trousers. Her baby is both cute and terrible at the same time. It’s hard to take care of it because it’s so big. She filmed and photographed herself with the “baby” like every mother does. She also made a baby album combining photos of “Baby Monster“ and texts she wrote when she was at home with her real baby 5 years ago.

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Postpartum Whatever  
Postpartum Whatever  
Postpartum Whatever