NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

pulse of a place, 2019


video, sound, space, paint

landscape is being
eye placed in any skin gland
i am in a pulsating
abstraction in a non-place, a playful space
the body has lost its coordinates
i remember something that did not happen to me
sound is in the periphery

“pulse of a place” is an atmospheric installation that consists of video,
sound and space. It is
about a landscape that is a verb. The image and sound are almost suspended
time, the feeling reminds memories that were never experienced. Unless the
landscape is still, almost not moving, just floating, at some point, it
mentally starts to
rotate. For emphasizing this motive, space is visually turned upside-down.
landscape has its rhythm and the sound is accompanying this property.
“pulse of a
place” is a capsule.

This work was also exhibited in the exhibition “Meno celės’19” in Vilnius
academy of art exhibition space “Titanikas”.