NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform


Seepage, 2016


Silocone cast; room installation, various materials

This work focuses on a certain undercurrent beneath technological optimism, the paradox of emancipation. A transhumanist vision of our future foresees the integration of flesh and technology, the total externalisation and storage of human’s central nervous system and subjective consciousness into a designated cyberspace.

This is a cybernetic dream of transferring human cognition and experiential structures to computers, in order to surmount the fragmentary, disconnected nature of the physical world, the inherent communicative ambiguity of languages, transcultural discrepancies, excessive inefficiency, sickness, even mortality.

Marshall McLuhan terms this as „spiritual information”; adhering to this aspiration means abandoning the body, or becoming emancipated from its burdens, and translating our Cartesian consciousness, separate from flesh, into code, and all its rigid linearity and functionality. This is an extreme, technophile fancy, which has slowly and steadily been taking root since the 1960s. In this dream, one reality is replaced with another, more rational, cerebral reality, and one seeps outward from one’s human skin, into the expanses our self-made cosmos.

Detail views: