NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Segment_056, 2020


Mixed media

The Master’s Thesis “TIME.IDENTITY” consists of a cycle of paintings as objects created in mixed media and arranged in an installation. The aim of the Thesis is to show the uncertainty and abstraction of time and memories. It is an illusion that time is divided into stages, where each has its own key frame. Each artwork reflect observations of fragmented memories forming one’s identity, how each occurring recollection overwrites yet another fragment of memory and how, as with retelling of stories, they too change over time. How the retold stories form fictional memories about things that have never even happened to us, so that we trick ourselves with their colourful brightness.

“Time.Identity” includes 144 artworks (paintings as objects) combined in multimedia installation together with music created by Laura Vela, specially for master thesis. Whole installation can be viewed on youtube


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