NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform


Simbioze, 2015


Banner film, acrylic, bitumen, lime

2016, Latvia, Babīte, Mežāres, “Dreimaņi” garden, “exhibition – pit”.

When I found in the woods the deadwood, which was included in the cycle of paintings “exhibition – pit” under the name of “simbioze”, the link with the natural rhythm of me stopped. Deadwood “simbioze” essentially is a branch, which was stabbed into the the ground and far from his trunk / deadwood. Branch formed two fungi – one where when deadwood was a branch and the other fungi, when the branch fell and stabbed in the ground with the upper end in the ground. Therefore both fungus growth directions are opposite. Painting’s “simbioze” branch is center, which touching everything will collapse and drag himself as a black hole in space. Now the “holy” branch is disconnected, or pulled out of the ground and placed in the front of the painting “simbioze” . Inception of the branch location is marked on the map, which exists only in visual memory.