NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

slush, 2019


steel, various fabrics using printmaking techniques(monotype, silkscreen,woodblock), threads Slush 2019 Mixed Media Installation. The title of my mixed media installation Slush came about quite naturally. Having lived through the long dark winter here in Finland- slush i.e that grey melting snow became an element that permeated my everyday walks to and from the studio. Through walking one finds space for ideas to move around the body, and as the snow melts; colours, ideas, forms, images- find their place- somewhere in my mind. The slush can be seen as a residue of a process. I consider my installation to be a very paired back and reduced form of a process. I tend to work with many materials, and amongst many ideas and forms. When the pieces in this installation of objects and materials found their place; it was for me a clarifying moment. The result of a long process finds a place to rest and to eventually become something more, not just for me, but hopefully for the viewer who visits my work. Although I see these works as an attempt to create a whole. There is a visible fragmentation between these elements. It is a drawing and a collage in space. Each object works in relation to a whole. I will speak here about the individual pieces; the background to their making process; The site of my work was a difficult space to work in where two large windows surrounded me and I was limited with wall space. In this moment, I thought about ideas of the public and private. For this structure fig 1, I decided to construct a type of structure that is open, and between many things. It resembles a form that is functional; something between a bed/railing/drying rack/a structure built for humans. It is a dividing line where one can lay in, walk around/look in to. This steel structure barely supports itself, and is held very delicately by a fine thread that reaches to the ceiling. I see this structure as a drawing in space, and within it there is a collage, as though this is a large-scale sketch page pulled from a notebook. In addition to this the structure has been wrapped in a black synthetic fabric. I consider textile to be a material that is worn on the body or used in furnishing. However, it is a material that has historically been used to paint on… I enjoy this collision of everyday wearable fabric and ideas of image-making. The structure nearby fig 2, is also based on a drawing and can be seen as a physical drawing in space. What interested me is the idea of a structure that is just nearly standing. That supports itself by impossible means. The point where this piece touches the wall is important. I am interested in this delicacy of line and structure, but also in this tension that can be created where two points meet. This large-scale object/painting; fig 3, was created with the idea of creating something that lies between object and image. It was a structure made to form a kind of barrier in the space that also acts an image. The wood panel is covered in a stretchy fabric that creates a collage of sorts, and can be a mirror for some of the forms seen in my patterned fabrics. These welded forms fig 4,5,6,7 were based on fragments of drawings. They are the beginnings of forms that can also be seen in some of my printed textile works. They are placed strategically in the space, at sometimes difficult viewing points. Extensions of a drawing these objects act as exclamation marks in the space, attempting to create a balance within the installation. I enjoy textile as a shield that one wears in everyday life. We sleep with it. It covers us, and separates us from each other. It has also been used historically as a surface to paint on. Printed fabrics are to be worn or used in a decorative sense, they have historically been associated within an applied art/craft tradition. In this installation, I have thought about this. Patchworks and textiles are worn on beds- adjacent to the wall and horizontal. When I make a collage, it is hard for me to know when a piece is finished. With this particular piece, one can walk around a fragmented image. You can zoom in and look at a detail. One can find an interesting composition where one chooses. The ways that I display my works are at difficult viewing points. not at eye level but somehow reaching up or down in to the space. It can be disorientating. But I attempt to ground these forms at certain points where they meet the wall and floor space.

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