NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Smitten, 2016

By Olesja Münd

Oil on canvas

Artist drew a parallel between the surface of paintings and the ordinary life of people. However, new layer of white ground intrudes into the surface whenever we tackle life changes and situations which force us to modify our ordinary way of life and outlook. Now we perceive life in a new way but the images of the past always affect the new surface.
The process of the image covering signifies the fragments which were consigned to oblivion as well as the new beginning or new life. The white patches on the surface appear as a result of deliberate action to change the old image and gain the experience of history in return and imbuing the art piece (old life) with new life.

Portrait was made in The State Hermitage Museum from original A. van Dyke masterpiece in 2016.

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