NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

Soil, 2018


Tar, seeds, other on canvas Painting resin is a ritual action that requires long preparation, cooking of tar, and a quick painting action. This allows you to experience the creative process itself more deeply. Cooking resin equates to meditation until finally everything turns into a quick physical gesture. This material excites me due to its viscous consistency, heavy existential black color, its smell even creates and even stronger F. Kafka atmosphere for me. Its luster is reminiscent of the latex used in a fetish, and the sensitivity of the resin to temperatures makes it like a living organism that moves as if it pulsates, changes. For me, tar is in the intermediate stage between living and dead, synthetic and natural primer. Painting with tar makes me feel like I’m interacting with a different form of life. Shown in the gallery “Vartai” in the exhibition of master students, as a part of the project “Beauty is a wound”

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