NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

SWAMP, 2018


Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere A creative project, video installation (360° Lukiškės square projection)

SWAMP was created in 2018 when it was planned to build a memorial for Freedom Fighters in Lukiškės Square, which was formed in the 19th century. Personal interest in urban planning, architecture, and culture of preservation of public spaces has also inevitably become a pretext for focusing on this place. Monuments appear or disappear on higher will. Usually they are “lowered” from above, supposedly by the will of the people. Author is wondering what comes from the bottom. Do we find the artist and his ideas in the bottom? How a monument can tease the society and irritate it? How does the war shift to nerves and psychology? She feels the need to shift is necessary. The shift is what brings to that state, which ensures the ecosystem’s existence, filter, healing and is in constant process. The continuous process, always active and never-ending action, provides a vivid memory. Swamp can be a place where we perceive our enemies, it can be perceived as a place for restoration and redevelopment. It encourages to understand different positions, encourages to be plastic, protean, and to try to grasp two opposites which brings one’s perception. P.S. This is not a project proposal or a real alternative – this is an expression of thoughts on a topical subject. RESEARCH KEYWORDS: Lukiskes square Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights Public space Urbanism The Counter-Monument Memory against itself James E. Young Sculpture Swamp discourse Nature Ecosystem Artist’s position History Contemporary monument Heterotopia Michel Foucault EXHIBITIONS: 2018, May Video installation “Swamp”; Exhibition – “anima(re)anima in the expanded field”; VDA exhibition hall “Titanikas”. (LT) 2018, June Video installation “Swamp”; Exhibition – “Meeting”; Gallery “Academia” VDA. (LT) 2019, June 3 video installations “Swamp”, “Soap and water” and “Grinda”; Night at the gallery part of the “Art Fair ArtVilnius” VDA exhibition hall “Titanikas”. (LT) 2019, June video installation “Swamp”; Meno celės 2019 – part of the “Culture Night” festival; VDA exhibition hall “Titanikas”. (LT) WORK VIDEO: