NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

The Sinner, 2015


Series of 4 photos; measurements are given per one photo, framed (matte black frame). Measurements without the frame: 70×50 cm.

The price is quoted for the full series.

This piece does not speak directly about religions, or wish to compare them to each other. The photo-series speaks about facing yourself, and looking yourself in straight in the eyes.  
If you follow a religion, and have sinned against it, you have the option to turn to your god(s), and ask for forgiveness. But if you are “incredulous” you must ask it from yourself. Until you have not forgiven yourself, you can’t receive redemption. You are the Sinner.
Although you might guess that one that’s free from religion is the one who is without sin. However, without redeeming redemption, he or she  will become the one that sinned. We won’t be forgiven, until we have forgiven ourselves. We can’t or shouldn’t seek for redemption or forgiveness from anywhere else but from within ourselves. 

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