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The Sixth Creation of the World, 2016


Video installation
Video: 01:06:00 loop 

This image from the video project for Masters’s degree “The Sixth Creation of the World” presents a single exposure, consisting of three elements: Mahler's Sixth Symphony (the world); moving image showing a woman that plays the piccolo flute (breathed life); a cast made of the hands of the artist´s mother, which once held both her and the flute (hands that hold the breath). Mahler wrote that "a symphony must be like the world. It must contain everything." It is the world's creation. This work is an analogy of creation. It is a creation that is happening continuously both through us and in us. Anything contains the beginning and the end, or birth and death.





The Sixth Creation of the World 2rs

Krista Dzudzilo. The Sixth Creation of the World. 2016. Image from the exposition