NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform

this is not art, its me yo, 2019

By Marta Vaarik

wood + linen + acrylic + glass (light)

This is one of the six paintings from Vaarik’s sixth solo exhibition “I sow along a pirate sea and no dick is stopping me” 2019. This is a continuation of her solo exhibition “Possessed” (2017). The expressive, provocative, daring and heartfelt show is about being a woman, a mother, about saving the world, raising children and cuddling. The artist is observing her close relationships and is seeking for conclusions to save the world.

“Skin is our contact with the world. Scroll up to your sleeves and stroke your arm with your hand. This is a feeling. We feel and learn to feel our bodies through strokes, pamper and cuddles. Sometimes there’s no need to overthink! Weird feelings create weird thoughts. But if you know it’s only that–a feeling–and you stop forcing yourself to collaborate with your brain, you can only feel without attributing linguistic meaning. Things are simply as they are. If we start to over-explain something we can mess it up. We can try to save the world, but if we grow our children to be empathetic, they are doing it naturally. Women are powerful and have to learn to trust themselves as they are because all humans grow inside their moms! I am lucky I was held tight.” – Marta Vaarik

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