NOAR Nordic and Baltic contemporary art platform


What Is Real Is Imagined, 2016


Glass, cable, photos

”What Is Real Is Imagined'" is Sohvi Viik's solo exhibition that was exhibited in Draakon gallery and TASE graduation show in Tallinn.

The author about the exhibition:

The exhibition included 234 blurred photos of my personal photo album, from the years of 1995-2016. Photos were sized 10 x 15 cm and framed on the wall, side by side. I numbered all the pictures and a recorded a woman´s voice in the gallery that called out the number and title that I had given to each picture. Adding a title was my comment to the picture. On the other wall there were three large sized photos which were a part of my project. ”Damaged Images“ (2012). The idea of the project was to collect damaged photos which occur with analogue cameras. I gave these three photos a title that included the time and technique of the pictures taken.

I am working with visual memory through space and photography. How will a photographic recording start affecting our memory processes; how will a photograph construct and influence our memories? To what extent will an image start to shape our fantasy? Also how room or space and things in it are changing in time and how it effects our memory. I am fascinated by the comparison of a shot as it appears in one’s memory and the very photograph of it. How the photo actually starts to create or at least alter or effect the memory. Also how room or space and things in it are changing in time and how it affects us.

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