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Mixed media

Dimensions variable

“Worms and Cookies” is a work about transformation without a loss and seeing parallels between different subject matter. Something that has always been as a pest now appears in a different light.

Tenorio Molitor or meal worm in his life goes through four life stages – egg, larva, pupa and beetle, with 100% metamorphosis. They had never been our friends and it has always been hard to think about them as something positive but since 2015. When scientists realized that they can digest polystyrene with a bacteria they have in their guts, our view to them had changed. Polystyrene cause of its good attributes –light, thermal resistance, easy to get different forms, cheap to produce - is a material with a wide spectrum of usage – all kind of different packaging, food containers, home insulation and much more. But it’s very hard to recycle or get rid of it because its consistency is 90% air. So it’s not profitable to move it to landfills also it biodegrades there in 500 years. Now scientists are looking forward to better understand bacteria that live inside of mealworms, but meanwhile, we had found our selves in a similar situation with our data exchange. It had made our lives much easier, but just a few people know, that after exchange each picture, video, sound or text file will never disappear. Yet we don’t know how we could organize and delete all useless files from the servers. Computer worms are a type of self-reproducing virus type that nowadays harm our machines, but probably in future will help us.

Works from the installation:


Janis Dzirnieks. Reaching the Bottom of Timeline. 2017. HD video


Gorilla Pod. 2017. Variable sizes. Polyester resin, Polimal 150


A Little Help from our Friends. 2017. Variable sizes. Plexiglas, polystyrene, meal worms


Detail from the installation "WORMS AND COOKIES". Polystyrene


Detail from the installation "WORMS AND COOKIES". Polystyrene


Detail from the installation "WORMS AND COOKIES". Polystyrene

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