Seen Unseen  
Animal Instinct 3  
(One and) Three Moments  
Bonfire in the Snow  
Burst of the Bumblebee  
Corridor of Power  
Flower Seller with Extremely Cold Nerve  
In the Silence of the Echo  
Light of the Century  
Jumping Over the Shadows  
Homeless Jackdows of Tartu  
Mother Rage  
Memories of Unknown Grandma  
Our Faces are His/Her Faces  
Not Like the Other Girls  
Performance for a River. Rumba  
Performance for a Bothy the Morning After a Thunderstorm. Veelikse  
Performance for Seventy-Six Species. Laelatu Wooded Meadow  
Performance for the Wetlands. Rongu Bog  
Performance for a Rock. Kauni Road  
Still Life. Way of Being  
The Box  
Taking Shape. Sudden Disentanglement  
The Rain of Light  
To See the Way. To Know the Truth  
Yellow Sea  
The Monument of (R)evolution