NOAR Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond


Cyberpunk, 2019


Synthetic Fabric Cyberpunk is a collection of 6 experimental-artistic models. Each model in the collection exists as a separate character. Each model has 2 distinctive features expressed through recognizable internal and external character characteristics. The first distinguishing feature, the study subject of internal characteristics, is the colours that I personify, and the colour palette is taken from RGB and CMY(k). Another distinguishing feature of the character is the external characteristic, which I express through geometric shapes: triangle, quadrangle, hexagon, and circle. I combine colours and geometric shapes according to the understanding of theorists Vasilijus Kandinskis and Johan Iten about colours and their association with geometric shapes, thus deriving my own general systematic way of expressing models. My main goal is to create a utopian version of cyberpunk that is far removed from traditional dystopian imaging. Therefore, one of the important tasks is to fulfil the creative simulation of the collection: to transfer the traditional creative processes of fashion design to the virtual space and use as few actual physical resources as possible, and simply “print” the final collection. While the fabric stays the same, the manipulation of the fabric differs for every model.