NOAR Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond

HER, 2020

“HER” is a poetic space installation. Fruits made of plaster are located inside a wooden square. The forms are damaged in some places, the edges of the mold are visible, the pieces are not aligned. One of the forms is halved and its mass has flowed out of its shell. A white textile is hanging from the ceiling, from which a blanket grows. There is a wrinkled torso on the bed. The back of the installation is paved with white tiles. On it there is a projection of the light beam on the waves. There is a flower taped to the wall, a few white petals have fallen to the ground. There is also a glass vase filled with water on the floor. On the other side of the projection there is a blue towel and a blue color card. It is a room from where someone has left. A space based on memories and impressions. Like a writer who creates a character based on fragments of his own life, I have created an installation inhabited by a body and consciousness based on me but that is not me. The bedroom, bathroom and the sea merge together. The character uses them, leaving traces. Increasing attention at times. Associations arise through materials, objects, and their relationships. Chaotic flux of thinking carries us to another time, to another place. The installation is accompanied by a text describing the impressions, feelings, memories, imaginations and activities that take place in this space. Through the act of reading the text, the body, which is only indirectly depicted, is projected into this situation. see more:

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