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LOO - Friend of the Children's Hospital, 2020


Plastic, rubber When we were kids, almost every summer, together with my brother, we had to have treatment in the eye hospital to enhance eye vision. Since we were frequent patients at Kaunas Children’s Eye Clinic, we saw the problems children and doctors’ staff had to deal with. So remembering this encouraged me to take up this topic. LOO is a friend of children’s hospital procedures, who takes care of the child’s daily routine and well-being. Reminds the kid when to go to the procedures, what he needs to bring (if there are any requirements), indicates where the required cabinet is, acts as a night light, and most importantly – does not allow you to feel lonely and takes care of the child’s well-being. In addition, it calls for help if necessary. It can be operated with both voice and buttons. A minimalist design solution was chosen so as not to be tied to the child’s age. The robot is charged at a wireless charging station. Scenario: Stage I – a notification is heard and the green light lights up. If the robot does not receive any response from the child – it lights up in yellow. Later – red, which reports that the child is late to leave the procedure. At the same time, the robot tells the nurses that the child is late. Stage II – The robot navigates the child to the right cabinet and briefly tells about it. Stage III – the robot asks/analyzes the child’s well-being and, if necessary, soothes the child both by voice and by turning on the anti-stress ball. Stage IV – so that the child would not be afraid, the doctor shows the procedure on the robot. Additional features – to call a nurse if necessary, to make it easier to fall asleep at night. It is expected that the robot will be linked to an app that contains all the information about the child’s medical history, day schedule, the well-being. What’s next…? The robot can be bought and reprogrammed into the child’s daily schedule mode (teams, school, etc.).