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One of many career opportunities I am considering after getting my masters degree in painting., 2019

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Oil on canvas

This painting is like the idea about time and space, which mirrors reality. It’s like obsession for a need to tell a story or to free myself from panic and anxiety, it is like personal liberation from anxiety-inducing thoughts.

Artist about the work: "I consider my paintings to be like a time stamp. In my work I document my own pain, emotions and thoughts that have been depressing me down. It’s like my own personal diary, which without shame, is wide open for anyone who is interested to read. It consists of parts that has made me as a person that I am today, therefore the viewers can find my old and forgotten scars, as well as fresh wounds that have not jet healed. I call the viewers for a comfortable conversation and common laughter of the awkward attempts to become better in term- life. The goal is to cherish mistakes that have been made and is jet to be made in our lifetime, to document them in series of paintings which shows us how hilarious, sometimes sad and also fun life is with all its difficulties and obstacles."

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