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Tik ėjimas/Just walking, 2020


Video (04:51) 

“Tikėjimas” in Lithuanian is “faith” while separated “tik ėjimas” means “just walking”. As a second part of artist MA project in Photography and Media Arts with the theme “St. Artists: in the margins of faith and art communities” She made a video of walking in the different parts of the Vilnius city during isolation time 2020. She walked through the abandoned sport palace, city squares, gates of Catholic pilgrim road and end up on its “Olive Mountain” which brings us to the remembering of Jesus crying for Jerusalem city. Praying in tongues mixes with the soundscape of the early spring in the city. Showed in “Atletika” gallery, MA student final show, also in online exhibition “Physical Spaces: Virtual Connections“ as a part of “St. Artist” project.

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