NOAR Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond

Where is Estonia?, 2018

Canvas, alkyd enamel, beard linchen, glue

A common question between foreigners about Estonia is - where is it? That is understandable, because this country has one of the lowest population densities in the world. In the same time Estonia is one of the greenest countries in Europe – 50% of its area is covered with forests. Estonians were among the last pagans in Europe and 69% of the population still believe that trees have a soul. These people of nature live in a country where in tree moss can also live together in symbiosis fungus and alga.


The artwork is participating in MyEstonia? competition
'My Estonia?' calls for reflections on Estonia through the eyes of foreigners. For some participants, Estonia might be a chapter of their lives, for others it may evoke more arbitrary associations or Malevich “Black Square” type of interpretations - all in all, the competition looks for a wide array of playful approaches.

A selection of works from the competition participated in  ArtVilnius ´18 on 7-9 June 2018.
Online voting to identify the winner of the Public Choice Award took place at art platform from 28 June until 12 July. See all participating artworks and the results of the competition HERE!

NB! As the purpose of the competition is not commercial, the participating artworks are not sold through NOAR. Nevertheless, prices are indicated as in case you would purchase any of the artworks, we are happy to put you in touch with the artist to agree on terms of purchase, delivery, etc.

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